The Big August Herbs on Saturday Round-Up and we Have a Winner!

The Big August Herbs on Saturday Round-Up

and we

Have a Winner!

I am late with my Herbs on Saturday Round-Up, I know and I am SO sorry – but, I DO have a reason, I made a careful note of ALL the entries throughout the month, and their recipe links, in a word.doc and I seemed to have misplaced the document (I think I accidentally deleted it!), so, I had to write it out ALL again, and it has taken me ages! But the reason why it has taken me so long is GREAT NEWS, and that’s because I had a STAGGERING THIRTY THREE entries, and all of them Herbal Delights! The NEW September Herbs on Saturday link is open already, and is here:

September Herbs on Saturday

And this month’s Book up for grabs is a copy of Herbs (River Cottage Handbook)

Herbs (River Cottage Handbook)

 And the winner of last month’s book is: Louisa from Chez Foti for her A Glut of Tomatoes Pasta Sauces! WELL DONE Lousia.  Louisa wins a copy of  Reader’s Digest The Ultimate Book of Herbs: The Definitive A – Z of Herbs and How to Grow and Use Them. 

But, on to the round-up, with a HUGE thanks to all who entered and just look at the following recipes, there are some REALLY lovely meal ideas listed below, that make great use of herbs! Thanks once again, and sorry for the late post! Karen

August Herbs on Saturday Round-Up:

1. Mamacook was my FIRST entry with her Toddler Chilli recipe! She posted a baby chilli recipe some time back, mild without being flavourless but not really a kick, but, her son went off the baby chilli recipe a while back and she couldn’t figure out why.  It was only when I was talking to someone online, that it occurred to her that he might like something a bit spicier, so she devised her Toddler Chilli!

2. I, Karen at Lavender and Lovage, appear to be the second entry! And I entered my Grandma’s Yorkshire Season Pudding with Herbsand although I have called this a Yorkshire Season Pudding, a version of this recipe is popular throughout the North of England, and was served as a cheap “filler” just as (batter) Yorkshire pudding was and is still served. This is like a savoury bread pudding and was often served by itself with onion gravy for high tea, as well as with bacon, tomatoes and maybe egg for breakfast or supper.

Grandma's Yorkshire Season Pudding with Herbs

3. Another LOVELY entry from Mamacook, and one of my favourites, a Mint Raita for the whole familyBut, she says, just  be aware that like many natural herbs and spices, mint strength varies, and home-grown herbs tend to pack more of a punch than fresh supermarket alternatives (probably because they are slower to grow) but there are loads of different types of mint too.

4. A GREAT recipe is up next, Sauce Grib-ish from Mel at Edible Things, and after enjoying the recipe at a friend’s house, and after a bit of research, Mel found out that what she enjoyed was a variation of one of two classic French dishes. Either Sauce Gribiche or Ravigote. It seems that ravigote is more like a vinaigrette to which chopped boiled egg has been added, and in gribiche, the yolk is used to make a mayonnaise, and the chopped white is added. This is sauce is not quite either of those things, so she called it Sauce Grib-ish!

Sauce Grib-ish

5. Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen comes up trumps with this next recipe, and she KNOWS how much I love fish too, so this is a real cracker – Mediterranean Fish on Herbed Potato Gratin. Janice entered her lovely fishy meal into the Sharp’s Beer contest and I am sure it is a winner! She said that it was a really easy dish to make, it is light and fresh just like the Sharps Single Brew Reserve which she served with the dish.

6. The next recipe is just lovely! It’s a fab sounding French Toast with fresh Blackberry Sauce and Spicy Blackberry Ginger Mint Jam from my lovely friend Karin over at Yum and More. I LOVED the jam recipe, and have her recipe bookmarked to make as soon as my blackberries are ready! Karin says that the jam has a perfect consistency, just lightly spicy on the tongue and tangy with the mint and ginger.


7. Fancy some Lasagna with Spinach, Ricotta & PestoYES PLEASE! And this next divine recipe comes from one of my most loyal of Herbs on Saturday members, Tango like Raindrop. Her LOVELY recipe was an experiment with an assortment of ingredients in the fridge needing used up and, she quite fancied making a lasagne… for me!

8. I LOVE this next recipe, from Dashing Dom over at Belleau Kitchen, Honey and Thyme Bread. Dom made this bread with Manuka Honey, which I adore, and with some of the lovely potted herbs he has on his terrace!  He says that whilst he wanted the sweetness in his loaf of bread, he also want the final loaf to be a savoury item and so the thyme infused into the honey added a lovely herby kick… sounds LUSH darlink!

9. Katharine from LEEKS & LIMONI is one my favourite Blogs and I try to visit her as much as can, and she made a GORGEOUS recipe for Herbs on Saturday – Grilled aubergines. She says that Aubergines prepared in this way are incredibly versatile. They can be eaten on their own, with just a chunk of cheese and some good bread or they can accompany a whole variety of meat and fish dishes….they look DIVINE!

10. My lovely friend Sue from Not any old Baking Spot was next, with an amazing recipe for sorbet…..a Dieters’ blackcurrant and mint sorbet and I LOVE blackcurrants in a sorbet, and with mint, I bet this was spectacular! Sue says that this is something refreshing and with hardly any calories, its delish and its easy to make!

11. How to infuse Herb oils two ways, is the next entry from Penelope’s Pantry, and such a handy way to preserve herbs and flavour oils too! She shares two recipes, a Watercress & herb oil – the quick and easy one, and a Watercress and herb oil: take two – cold infusion…BOTH look amazing!

12. We have another lovely recipe with this next entry, from last month’s winner of the book, (have you received it yet?) French Foodie Baby brings us this fab looking Zucchini & Mint TerrineShe writes a lovely post to accompany her recipe, and here are just a few of her thoughts…” Their whole life is about the process of gradual, unconscious assimilation. With all five senses, exploring their world and learning, synapses going all directions. On that warm summer night, I become aware Pablo is learning so much by osmosis: the meal, what went into it. The friends. The warmth. The flavors. Artichoke. Tomatoes. And mint”……

13. Another Herbs on Saturday regular is up next, Jacqueline from How to be a Gourmand, and she is dressed to kill with her Asian Dressed Aubergine! She says that Dressing the vegetable when the aubergine is warm is key as it absorbs and enriches the flavour of the aubergine. The flavour explosion is a mixture of the sourness brought on by the the lemon juice, the smokiness of the blackened aubergine, the heat added by the chilli and the freshness of the herbs. This dish is a perfect accompaniment to steamed or roasted fish.

A delicious way of eating aubergine

14. Lemon and Dill are prefect partners, and never more so when made into Lemon Dill Wheat Biscuits which is the LOVELY entry from Confessions of a Curious Cuisinière……this is what they say about them….”These dense little biscuits are bursting with the summery flavor of lemon and dill, and they made a great change from the typical morning biscuit.  I guess you could put jam on them (like I do for  normal biscuits), but these seem more suited as an accompaniment to a light summer salad”….

15. I love lovage, as you all know, and I also love soups, so when Linzi from Lancashire Food entered her Courgette, Pea and lovage Soup I rushed over to see it! I have a pea and lovage soup with lemons, but love how Linzi has used courgettes in her soup, as I always have a glut of them at the end of summer! Mr Lancashire Food would live on soup if I let him…..says Linzi! 

16. The taste space – steam, bake, boil, shake is next! And with a GREAT Asian recipe, Thai Coconut Vegetables (Yum Tavoy)And here is what they say about the herbs and ingredients in this recipe…..”Go all out with Thai ingredients like shallots, Kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass, or use onion, lime zest and skip the lemongrass instead. I used sweet basil but Thai basil would be more authentic”…..

17. And another LOVELY entry from The taste space – steam, bake, boil, shake with Rosemary Pistachio HummusThis is currently her favourite non-traditional hummus. It takes a bit more work than your standard hummus, but the results are great.

18. I have already lusted over this next entry, as it was Sally’s entry into my Forever Nigella challege too, but I am happy to have second helpings, thank you! Porchetta Inglese from Recipe Junkie and the attack of the custard creams! Here’s were Sally changed the recipe, and the herbs…..”In order to make use of the beautiful sage that I have in the garden at the moment, and with an eye on making a more English tasting meal for our French guest, I changed the stuffing, and made a mixture using sage and Bramley apple rather than rosemary bay and garlic”…..

19. My lovely friend Jude, from A Trifle Rushed is next, and with a LOVELY fishy recipe, Fish with fennel and ratatouille. She says, and I AGREE, that…..””Fishy Fridays” are so much easier here in France, the fishmongers’ counters are teeming with wonderful fresh fish for the weekend”……Jude used all her own garden grown rosemary and thyme to enhance the flavours of the ratatouille, and these delicious fresh herbs (both wild and cultivated)  complement this simple meal perfectly.

20. The winning entries, LOTS of lovely tomato recipes is next….. A Glut of Tomatoes Pasta Sauces! From Louisa at Chez Foti. I will leave you with Louisa’s opening words…..”It’s the war of the tomatoes this week (and month) at Chez Foti, there’s a daily battle between myself and the ridiculously extravagant sixty three tomato plants I’ve somehow ended up with (an over exhuberance in seed sowing and a problem number of  self-seeders literally fruiting up all over the plot!)”……..

21. Broad beans and mint are TWO of my MOST favourite combinations, so I JUST loved this next entry…..Fusilli with Broad Beans and Mint from the lovely Vanesther, guest host of July’s Herbs on Saturday, from Bangers and Mash.  She says that…..”This is a quick and easy pasta dish for summer days when you don’t want to spend hours slaving over a hot stove. Flavoured with fresh mint and zingy lemon, it’s ideal for using up the last of those broad beans on the veggie patch”……

22. Jen from Blue Kitchen Bakes knows the way to my heart, as I LOVE Goat’s Cheese, and she made these delectable Goats Cheese, Walnut, Red Pepper and Thyme RollsJen loves baking bread and she thought she would have a go at making some bread with goats cheese. These rolls are made in the normal way and then a piece of goats cheese is hidden in the middle, the result is an instant goats cheese sandwich! OH yes please!

23. My lovely friend Kellie from the even lovlier (if that can be possible) blog Food to Glow sent an entry in this month, and I was so excited, as her recipes are top notch! Kellie made a delectable Tomato and Skillet Corn Quinoa SaladKellie says….”If any salad that I do epitomises summer I would say this is it. Sure, you can make this salad at any time of the year, especially if you want to feel summery while curled up in a warm duvet and hail ricochets down your chimney. But, it just won’t be the same, not without local grown-for-flavour corn and tomatoes”………

24. Herb roasted pork tenderloin with roasted summer vegetables…….tempted? I am, and this next entry is another LUSH recipe from Linzi at Lancashire Food! Linzi says that this recipe is a favourite in the Lancashire Food household and uses that undervalued cut of pork – tenderloin and was supplemented with lots of vegetables from the garden…..I can see why it is so popular, it looks LOVELY!

25. I always look forward to Sarah’s entries from The Garden Deli, and she did not disappoint with this lovely entry…..Basil & Lime Brownies. Sarah has been experimenting with herbs and cakes, and thinks she has come up trumps with this recipe, but, will have to wait until school is back next month to see if the rest of the gardening club agree!


26. Another lovely friend is next, Maria from the amazing Feisty Tapas blog….and she brings us a tasty plate of Noodle salad with porkflavoured with fresh coriander. Maria says, that if you don’t eat pork or meat in general, you could of course prepare the noodle salad on its own, it is full of flavour… looks JUST lovely Maria!

27. Michelle from Utterly Scrummy Food is next and she makes something that has some of my favourites words in the title, Quick, Cheese, Herb and Bread – yes, it’s her Quick Cheese and Herb Bread recipe. Michelle says that this bread is a great emergency lunch option, picnic hamper addition or just a tasty snack.  You can use whatever herbs you like, she  just picked some from a random selection from her garden.

28. The LOVELY Susie from Fold in the Flour is next with a FAB looking Caramelised Onion, Tomato and Goats Cheese TartHow I love the words tart when added to onion and goat’s cheese……and Susie’s tart looks delicious, plus, I have bookmarked her recipe to make one day soon. This is what Susie and Mike eat when they go  ‘posh’ and  need a quick starter to rustle up!

29. An easy recipe for a One Pot Ratatouille has to be good and Louisa from Chez Foti has come up with the goods again, with her lovely recipe for one. Originally from Provence, it’s a classic Southern French veggie side dish, and made with good quality (preferably organic) tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and aubergines it’s utterly delicious and bursting with vibrant summer flavour.

30. Jane from Onions and Paper has made one of my most favourite of Turkish recipes, Lamacun,(a flat bread pizza with spiced meat and lots of parsley) or Lamakhun as she calls it! They ate it with one of Mark’s delicious crisp little Lebanese cucumbers, fresh from the garden, and a quick fennel salad I made  – a thinly sliced head of fennel, a  sliced  shallot, a few green peppercorns and lots of snipped chives, with a lemon and olive oil dressing.

31. I LOVE this salad – Blueberry, Lentil and Walnut Spinach Salad with a Blueberry Tarragon Dressing – another LOVELY recipe from the taste space – steam, bake, boil, shake! The recipe uses tarragon with blueberries in a delicious dressing sweetened by dates. Coconut-sauteed onions make this a luscious dressing with a hint of citrus from the lemon.

32. The lovely Rita from Rita Cooks Italian, made one of my favourite Italian dishes, Chicken cacciatore with a marinade of fresh rosemary and garlic. Rita says that in London herbs are expensive and the convenient way to always have fresh herbs is to grow your favourites on your window sill, balcony or in your garden, and then some herbs can be frozen; something she used to do regularly with rosemary and sage.

33. The last entry is yet another GLORIOUS recipe from the taste space – steam, bake, boil, shake! Zucchini Spaghetti with Chickpeas and a Roasted Tomato-Peach Sauce, this recipe combines seemingly polarized end of summer produce: tomatoes and peaches. Both become sweet through roasting in the oven, which is augmented with Ancho chili powder, and then tamed by balsamic vinegar. Fresh tarragon and cinnamon confer a lovely, unexpected depth to the sauce. Hot, sweet, sour… we’ve got you covered. Chickpeas are added for protein and this was delicious served overtop zucchini spaghetti.

So, there we have it, a WONDERFUL list of amazing and easy to prepare recipes with herbs – there are gourmet recipes, family recipes, children’s recipes and family recipes, and all of them VERY seasonal too! With one more BIG thanks to ALL of you who entered, DON’T FORGET September’s Herbs on Saturday Challenge is open now:

September Herbs on Saturday