The Best Sheet Masks for Your Face

Sheet masks are a piece of paper, cloth or gel-like material saturated with serum that contains moisturizers and extracts, explains Birnur Aral, Ph.D., Director of the Beauty Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Most claim to hydrate, firm, lift, plump, brighten and lighten skin, but our Lab analysis found that, despite the varying claims, the ingredients in the serums are all quite similar.

Unlike traditional face masks, it’s a one-step process that’s conveniently packaged for a single use. All you have to do is take it out of the packaging and put it on your face for the recommended time — no washing required. Some masks come with too much serum or liquid, which can be messy, but you can always wring them out before you use them or pat the leftover serum on your skin after applying the mask. One size doesn’t fit all, so you may need to improvise by folding the mask down if it’s too large or cutting slits larger if need be.

For our test, experts in the Beauty Lab assessed 20 face sheet masks with strong hydration claims. We sent two blinded samples of each mask home to 22 women and asked testers to use them and fill out a survey. The top 10 performers were evaluated in the lab, where we measured moisturization efficacy. We also ran additional lab tests to gauge the weight, size and ease-of-use of each mask. Here are our results

Kenneth Willardt/Trunk Archive