The 12 Best Liquid Lipsticks to Try Right Now

After evaluating more than 60 liquid lipsticks based on pigment and transparency, the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab narrowed them down to a dozen for additional consumer and lab tests. A panel of 12 testers came to our lab twice a day for 12 days to test all 12 products — we’re sensing a theme here — for comparison, using one per day. Each tested liquid lipstick was either a red or neutral shade, and was rated for ease of application, smear resistance, longevity and vibrancy. To evaluate product transfer from one surface to another, testers were asked to sip a hot drink while wearing freshly applied lipstick. We took digital images (using the Visia Complexion Analyzer) of our panelists after they applied their products, then after they sipped their coffee or tea, and then again after 5 hours of wear. After collecting and assessing 432 digital images, 144 cup lids and tallying 1,008 questions, this is what we found.

Mike Garten