How do you like your EGGS in the Morning?

Free range eggs


There was an advert I used to love that was aired during the 60’s and 70’s, promoting British Lion Standard eggs……a guest in a boarding house sits patiently at the breakfast table and the battle-axe of a landlady marches in and asks him” how do you like your eggs, fried or boiled”.……the poor guest drifts off into a day-dream, and tells her “or how about poached, scrambled, baked or coddled”……the landlady’s’ answer to his “exotic” request is “is that fried or boiled”! In a recent survey carried out by Moma, the results about how we like our eggs cooked in the morning are as follows:

We’ve just conducted a survey with a 1000 people across the UK asking how they like their eggs cooked. A breakdown of the results can be seen below:

Scrambled 27.9%
Poached 23.3%
Fried 23.3%
Omelette 11.7%
Hard-b­oiled 10.2%
Baked 3.5%

Boiled Eggs

When I was growing up, the most popular eggs at breakfast time were boiled (usually soft-boiled and served with soldiers) and fried, so, basically the same as the landlady’s repetoire of fried or boiled! I remember my grandfather used to eat a soft-boiled egg every morning with a slice of wholemeal toast – just one egg and always one slice of toast. Dad used to love a fried egg “butty”, that’s a sandwich to my friends across the pond, and always with brown sauce. As for me, I’m with the top 27.9% of the people surveyed, my favourite eggs are scrambled eggs, usually with cheese and chives.

Soft Boiled Egg with Soldiers

My Bed and Breakfast guests on the other hand, all love my Breakfast Omelettes, which are made with my own chicken’s free-range eggs, freshly chopped herbs, cheese and tomatoes……it’s always the most popular request for “eggs cooked to order” in the morning. A more recent popular egg dish for breakfast and brunch, with my guests, friends and family, are Coddled Eggs –  these style of cooked eggs also make a wonderful supper or high tea dish too…..basically, coddled eggs are cracked into a small buttered dish or ramekin, along with seasonings and sometimes other ingredients, and then partially immersed in a hot water bath (or bain-marie) for several minutes.

Cheesy Coddled Eggs with Smoked Fish, Sorrel & Dill

My husband is a BIG poached egg lover……it’s his favourite cooked egg dish, served on toast with butter and Marmite! I like a poached egg now and then, but usually served with crispy bacon on sour dough toast, it tastes very special when served that way; or for a luxury supper dish, you can serve poached eggs astride a milk poached smoked haddock fillet, with spinach and freshly squeezed lemon. Poached eggs are best cooked with very fresh eggs, and as we have our own chickens, that’s easily arranged!


So, how do YOU like your eggs cooked in the morning? I’m keen to run my own little survey here; just leave me a comment below how your prefer your eggs cooked, and I’ll compile all the answers and publish the results with a couple of NEW egg recipes in the New Year! In the meantime, why not check out the egg recipes from other bloggers and myself below. Karen

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