Have a Brighter Breakfast with Yakult & the Breakfast Selector

The Yakult Brighter Breakfast

Have a Brighter Breakfast with Yakult

& the Breakfast Selector


I am a breakfast person, I always eat breakfast and am pretty grumpy if I miss it! So, when I was asked to check out Yakult’s new Brighter Breakfast Selector, I was rather intrigued and agreed straight away! The Yakult Breakfast Selector is a nifty bit of software that helps you choose a healthy breakfast based on three criteria – nutrients, breakfast type and ingredients……..you simply choose the most important nutrient first – there is a choice of A ,D, E and K vitamins, B Vitamins, Calcium, Fibre, Iron, Protein and Vitamin C. You then choose your breakfast type  –  Brunch, Celebration, Everyday, To Go and Weekend and finally you choose the ingredients you want to work with Avocado, Eggs, Bread, Banana, Milk, Peanut Butter, Cheese and Crumpets were just some ingredients that were shown. Having chosen these three main criteria, the selector spins around and a recipe suggestion appears……..here’s what I got when I used the selector:

My nutrient: Protein

My breakfast type: Everyday

My ingredient: Cheese

My suggested recipe: Rarebit crumpets


Rarebit crumpets

Rarebit crumpets
This is a take on that old favourite, cheese on toast. A crumpet provides a great base, resulting in a quick breakfast which you can plate up for sharing.


6 Crumpets
250g Grated cheddar
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 Egg
Salt and pepper
Worcestershire sauce
Spring onion


Blend the cheese, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and egg in a food processor with a pinch of salt and pepper.
Spread the mixture on to the crumpets in a thick layer and top with a few pieces of chopped spring onion.
Cook under the grill until browned, and serve with extra Worcestershire sauce .

Energy: 473.4Kcal
Protein: 32g
Carbohydrates: 37.5g
of which sugars: 3.9g
Fat: 21g
Fibre: 2.7g
Salt: 2.4g
Approx. nutritional figures per serving size of 105g

The Yakult Brighter Breakfast#

I LOVE the fact that the recipes contain all the nutritional information, as regular readers will know I am on a diet and it is really handy to see my calorie count, as well as other essential nutritional information. I have to admit to being a bit hooked on the  Brighter Breakfast Selector and so I had another go…….here’s what I chose this time:

My nutrient: Iron

My breakfast type: To Go

My ingredient: Potatoes

My suggested recipe: Spanish omelette with spinach and chives

What a GREAT recipe too! 


Spanish omelette with spinach and chives

It’s a great piece of software and is very handy…….Yakult says:

Yakult loves breakfast; it’s a great way to start the day. Use Yakult’s breakfast selector to help you find your ideal breakfast: simply pick the nutrition type, occasion and an ingredient and let the Yakult bottle find one for you. There are lots to choose from so spin again for another choice. Or visit our breakfast library to see the full list.


Apricot pancakes

If you want to bypass the breakfast selector, you can go straight to the recipe library but it seems a shame not to take advantage of choosing what type of breakfast you really want – a sort of  bespoke breakfast service! Having had a peek at the recipe library, there are a wide and diverse selection on offer, and many of them ticked my breakfast requirement boxes. Recipes include:

Chorizo, tomato and poached egg

Coconut rice with toasted banana

Coconut, apricot and almond granola bars

English breakfast stack

English wrap with asparagus

Homemade Baked Bean with Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges

Mango smoothie with passion fruit

Pancakes with ricotta, honey and figs

Peanut butter and banana breakfast booster

Sweetcorn fritters with bacon and tomatoes


Sweetcorn fritters with bacon and tomatoes

 You can read more about why Yakult loves breakfast here: WHY IS BREAKFAST SO IMPORTANT? So, why not pop over there now to see what breakfast the Yakult Breakfast Selector selects for you…….I am having ONE more go! Karen 

Good Morning

And the selector says…………….Asian Eggs! 


Asian Eggs

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I was paid to review the Brighter Breakfast Selector, but I would have been happy to share my findings anyway, as I think it will appeal to my readers and I found it useful, especially as an aid to calorie counting and my weight loss programme.

Karen S Burns-Booth