Create your own Bespoke Chocolate Bar

Create your own Bespoke Chocolate Bar – Cadbury is offering the chance for 3 lucky people to have their own bespoke chocolate bar made & sold, as well as visit the factory where it will be made. All you have to do is to design and create your own chocolate bar using up to 3 ingredients from a list of over 90,000 combinations of ingredients on the special Cadbury Inventor page.

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A Summer Country Garden Chocolate Bar

Cadbury is offering a wonderful opportunity to invent your own Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar. The classic and iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar is your blank canvas and you can design your own bespoke bar with up to three ingredients from a long list on offer over at the Cadbury Inventor pageCadbury already has a clutch of inventive and innovative new flavours, such as Cadbury Medley, which is an indulgent medley of rich dark chocolate chips, scrumptious fudge pieces and a bite of biscuit, as well as their Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Sandwich, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Daim and Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut…but it’s your chance to design YOUR own bar of Dairy Milk now, (T and C’s apply) and to get you started here’s my idea for my own Dairy Milk “Summer Country Garden” chocolate bar.

Cadbury Medley

Dairy Milk "A Summer Country Garden" chocolate bar.

Here’s how I invented and created my Cadbury Dairy Milk “Summer Country Garden” chocolate bar…

I went to the Cadbury Inventor page here and clicked on Get Started:

Cadbury Inventor

I chose three ingredients from the lists on offer, my three ingredients were:

Strawberries, Mint and Rose

I then clicked on Mix and added the name of my chocolate bar, Summer Country Garden, as well as choosing the colour of the name banner. The bar was created and showed the name as well as my three ingredients on a mock-up wrapper on the site, exciting! You just add your personal details then and also add what inspired you to create the bar (in 200 words) before submitting your creation. Once submitted, your personal chocolate bar is revealed, as mine was here:

I wanted to capture the beauty, freshness, fragrance and taste of a typical summer country garden. The rose adds a floral taste which is the perfect partner to juicy strawberries and refreshing mint.

My inspiration was:

I wanted to capture the beauty, freshness, fragrance and taste of a typical summer country garden. The rose adds a floral taste which is the perfect partner to juicy strawberries and refreshing mint.

Summer Country Garden

The list of ingredients is vast, and comprises:


Nutty: hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, pistachios and cashews


Fruity: raisins, cranberries, apples, raspberries, apricots, mixed berries, limes, orange, peaches, blueberries, bananas, grapefruit, lychees, watermelon, cherries, figs, passion fruit, strawberries, pineapple, tropical fruits, melon, lemons and pears.


Herbs & Spices: ginger, cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, tarragon, lemon grass, mint, basil, chillies, black pepper and sea salt.



Crunchy: cookies, shortcakes, rice crisps, oats, Oreo, wafer, corn flakes, pretzels, sprinkles, speculoos, popcorn, Daim, crunchy corn, gluten-free biscuits, crunchy caramel, honeycomb, mint pieces and digestive biscuits.


Wild Card: popping candy, rose, Toblerone, liquorice, yogurt berry granola, bubblegum, tomato, Dijon mustard and elderflower.


Chewy: animal jellies, cola jellies, fudge, brownies, raspberry fudge, caramel nuggets, toffee, salted caramel chips, cookie dough and marshmallows.


Creamy: coconut, white chocolate chips, vanilla and ice cream.


Drinks: coffee, spearmint tea, lemon green tea and lemon and ginger tea

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If you are one of the lucky three finalists, then you will not only see your chocolate bar on sale in the shops, but you will also receive a year’s supply of your creation and visit the Cadbury Centre of Excellence in Bournville to see it being made before one being picked as the overall winner using a mix of sales data and an online vote. The details are below:

After the competition closes on 31st July 2018 all entries will be put through a rigorous judging process with the finalists being selected based on two elements: taste and creativity. Three finalists will then have the opportunity to visit Cadbury’s Chocolate Centre of Excellence in Bournville, the home of Cadbury, where they will work with chocolate experts to experiment with their creations and make their bar a reality. All three bars will then be available to try out in 2019 where the UK will be able to vote and purchase their favourite creation to decide which of the finalists will be crowned the ultimate winner.

For more details visit the Cadbury Facebook page here: 

Cadbury Dairy Milk UK Facebook

And start choosing and mixing your chocolate bar here: 

Enter to invent a new Cadbury Dairy Milk

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