A Chocolate Frenzy with Chilli and much Cocoa! We Should Cocoa and Mexican Hot Chocolate

A Chocolate Frenzy with Chilli and much Cocoa! 

We Should Cocoa 


Mexican Hot Chocolate

A veritable frenzy and fest of chocolate and cocoa…..all blended in a mug of hot milk for my afternoon pick-me-up, or more like an afternoon boot up the derrière! This Chilli Hot Chocolate for a Chilly Day was divine darlinks! I made it some Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate chips and then added some powdered chilli cocoa before topping it all of with some grated mango and chilli chocolate, yes, it was a frenzy of chocolate and cocoa as I said before. 
And all because the lady loves milk tray We Should Cocoa challenge for October is Chillies. I had planned to make some little chilli chocolate cakes, but time intervened as well as a multitude of other baked goods and preserves that needed to be made, so I thought that this might be a unique and original way of interpreting the challenge.
There is no recipe as such for this, I just added 3 tablespoons teaspoons of Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate chips into a mug of hot milk, then added some chilli cocoa and stirred it well before grating some 77% chocolate with mango and chilli over the top…….and I also served it in a Toblerone mug too, for the full chocolate whammy…….yes, I have been know to go over the top now and then, which, may come as a surprise to some of you.

So, what I ended up with was a hot mango flavoured drinking chocolate with chilli……imagine those flavours as a mousse, wonderful, I may try that out some day. I just missed Chocolate Week, but never mind, chocolate is for always not just a week……..that’s all for now, see you later when I have some flowers and baked treats to share.